The Local Lunch Club Story

In the summer of 2009, Jim Davis, owner of a local flower shop (Bobbie’s Flowers) in Tempe was out soliciting donations for a charity golf tournament and stopped in a chicken fingers restaurant that he frequented called Rock-N-Roll Fingers.

While talking to the owner, Alin, he learned that with the slow economy and the fact it was summer and all the college students were gone, Rock-N-Roll Fingers might close permanently. Even though Alin was struggling, he still graciously donated two chicken finger plates to the charity golf tourney.

Jim thanked Alin and told him he will be back for lunch tomorrow with some of his friends. That same afternoon, Jim went back to his shop and sent an e-mail to all the people in his database and asked them to join him for lunch the following day at R-N-R Fingers. The turn out was amazing, over 35 friends and business associates showed up and had a great lunch and we all helped a struggling restaurant have their best day of the summer.

It felt great to help out a local business so Jim and a few friends decided to make it a regular event and started the “Local Lunch Club” networking group. They held a lunch networking event every couple of weeks at a different “LOCAL” restaurant and helped each other promote their business, while giving the restaurant an introduction to 30-60 business professionals.

The idea was a big success and the “Local Lunch Club” was born. Since the summer of 2009 Jim and friends have been sharing the idea and now have over 20,000 people throughout the Phoenix Valley that are updated weekly about all the upcoming events and going-ons of the Local Lunch Club. In early 2011 we decided to kick it up a notch and brought an online Local Restaurant Directory to the

We have big ideas for the future and how to help you promote your restaurant and increase your bottom line! We are very committed to our local community and hope you will see the the benefits of joining the Local Lunch Club.

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