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DSC_0005The Local Lunch Club was founded by Jimmy Davis (Owner of Bobbie’s Flowers), in 2009. Jimmy found that local restaurants were suffering with the bad economy and many were going out of business. He started a networking event where local business people can meet and greet, have good local fare and find new places to bring clients, prospects and vendors.

Since the summer of 2009 Jim and friends have been sharing the idea and now have over 20,000 people throughout the Phoenix Valley that are updated weekly about all the upcoming
 events and going-ons of the Local Lunch Club. In early 2013 we decided to kick 
it up a notch and brought an online Local Restaurant Directory to the

We have big ideas for the future and how to help you promote your restaurant and increase your
 bottom line! We are very committed to our local community and hope you will see the benefits of joining the Local Lunch Club.

Would you like to host an event at your place of business?

Do you have the seating capacity?  We average 30-50 in attendance, though we have had as many as 72 people and we are growing every meeting.

 What will you have to do?

  • DSC_0019We are not looking for you to discount your food, but we are looking for you to provide a lunch that has a price point of $10-14 per person ALL INCLUSIVE, TIP and Beverage included.
  • Please prepare a menu of 4-5 choices (Please include your signature dish and and any other items you are known for and would like to showcase)
  • Have staff on hand and be able to get food out to all the people in a timely manner.
  • This is your moment to shine and show off, please prepare what you are famous for.
  • You will have 5-10 minutes to talk to the group and tell them all about your place and how you got started. You also have the opportunity to give something to every person that attends to promote your business and to invite them to return for a future meal with their families and friends!! (So perhaps you might give them a coupon for a FREE drink or whatever you feel will get them to come back.)
  • We are here to help you put butts in the seats and get all our members to come back to your place and to bring family and friends!!
  • The Local Lunch Club will be promoting your business for 4-6 weeks in advance of your event to over 20,000+ by e-mail and on all of our social media platforms.
  • Your business will also have a FULL featured  listing on the LLC website with a link to your site, and mapping.
  • This day alone your lunch hour business could easy be 500-1000+ in additional revenue.

What will it cost your business?

Regular listing on the Local Lunch Club site is – FREE

Featured listing on the Local Lunch Club site will require this investment from your restaurant

We would like gift certificates totaling 150 dollar value that can be utilized as door prizes for future LLC events and to give away on all our social media sites. These gift certificates will be used by the Local Lunch Club to continue to promote your restaurant, long after the event is done. We would like the gift certificates in increments of $10-25 (preferably $10 each, that way we can give them away to more people and in turn, bring more butts to your seats). This will ensure more traffic coming back to your restaurant. Plus, you will be a featured restaurant on the LLC website, how COOL is that!!!

The investment to be a Featured restaurant is for a one year period (Enter code “Extra Six Months” in the promo code box at sign up) and we’ll give you 18 months, just for being a GREAT LOCAL restaurant. Another COOL thing!!

Here is an overview of what happens at a Local Lunch Club Event;

  • 11:00 – Meet & Greet

  • 11:20 – Make announcement that we’ll be starting in 10 minutes

  • 11:30 – Announce for everyone to take their seat

  • Welcome everyone and tell the story of how we got started.

  • Give our mission statement/goal

  • Introduce owner and let him tell us about his place and how he got started and what we will be eating for lunch.

  • Let wait staff have a few minutes to collect orders and get drinks.

  • Show of hands for all the 1st timers and thank them for being here.

  • Talk a bit about building relationships and what/how to be a good networker.

  • Announce the next few LLC events

  • Start the 30 second commercials

  • Lunch will start coming out while this is going on

  • After commercials we confirm everyone has gotten their order and the food was great

  • Draw business cards and give away door prizes.

  • We encourage owners to give something small (Free beverage, Free ???) to everyone in attendance. the goal is to get everyone to come back with their families to your place.

  • Take a moment to give testimonials for others whose businesses that we have used in the past,

  • Thank everyone for coming and announce the upcoming events.

  • Total meeting time is about 2 hours

Interested in featuring your restaurant on Local Lunch Club?

Sign up for free:


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